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Untamed ep.06

UNTAMED WRITTEN BY STEVEN JERAL HARRIS EDITED BY EMERALD BLUE OKIKI Episode 06 The Case. N ight matures as Frank drives away from Rochester and into a secluded town that has no buildings, and the small homes, which are made out of wood, are acres apart. The town is mostly full of thick dark woods that stretch for miles and miles. The sky is free of clouds, making the full moon look grand and vivid behind the towering pine trees. He cruises his way down a pitch-black road with his headlights revealing only what ’ s 40 yards ahead of him. He continues to drive down the lonely winding road until a faint light can be seen peeking through the pine trees from afar. He slows to a halt at an illuminated area blocked off by two squad cars, an old pickup truck, a couple of sedans, and burning road flares. There he sees three state troopers, an old man, and this tall casually dressed fellow talking together. The tall man, who is dressed in a gray suit, approaches and

Untamed ep.05

UNTAMED WRITTEN BY STEVEN JERAL HARRIS EDITED BY EMERALD BLUE OKIKI Episode 05 The New Beginning. The drive from Virginia to Upstate New York is about ten hours. For most of the ride we simply enjoy each other’s company silently. I keep myself entertained by listening to the radio and periodically counting trees as they zoom by in a blur. We do talk from time to time as we cruise along, nothing serious, just enough small-talk to stop the awkward silences. Now the remaining day is slipping from us and a florescent pink is devouring the blue horizon. ‘We made it,’ my mom informs me. We take an exit ramp that welcomes us into the City of Rochester. The downtown area, just like any city, appears typical. You have your stores, your cabs, your buses, and your traffic lights on every block. In no time, we cruise through a neighborhood lined with large boxy homes resting on top of narrow yards. She makes a final right turn into Meigs Street and then lowers speed, a

Untamed ep04

UNTAMED WRITTEN BY STEVEN JERAL HARRIS EDITED BY EMERALD BLUE OKIKI Episode 04 The episode I begin to survey the variety of vintage titles that are displayed. Different genres are scattered abroad, probably due to people picking for the best ones. I spin the wheels on my chair to manoeuvre down the aisle, excusing myself as I pass a couple of fellow book hunters. Hmmm, this one seems interesting. An older title of course, but it’s written by a renowned author. Why not, I’ll give it a try. As I reach for the book another hand beats me to it. I quickly retract my hands and look up to realize who it is. It’s Kristie Cambridge who lives a couple of doors down from us. She’s accompanied by two other girls who all look awfully cheerful and friendly, just like her. I barely see Kristie around the neighborhood anymore since she went off to college two years ago. ‘Iva, how’s it going?’ Kristie asks vividly. ‘Fine, I mean great,’ I stutter just a little. ‘He