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Untamed S5 ep02

WRITTEN BY STEVEN JERAL HARRIS EDITED BY EMERALD LORDSFAME S5 ep02 Jessica’s right. A very excited woman appears in the doorway, bouncing on her heels. She looks like a fifty old version of Jessica except her hair is cut short with gray streaks. “Mom, this is Iva, Iva this is our…” Eric tries a proper greeting but fails. "Where is she, where is she!" The woman demands in a loud voice. She gasps loudly as her eyes discover mine. She reaches her arms forward and escorts me in the house. I walk in awkwardly stiff. I don ’ t want to come off as rude it ’ s just…I ’ ve never met someone so loud, so….how can I put this….out there. She escorts me to an armchair and pushes me down into the cushion. She then takes a seat on the sofa in front of me. “Do you want anything to drink?” She asks me nicely. “I ’ m fine, thanks.” “Are you sure?” She asks nicely again. “Yes, I ’ m sure.” I reply. I look at my surroundings. The style of the house ap

Untamed S5 ep01

WRITTEN BY STEVEN JERAL HARRIS EDITED BY EMERAL D LORDSFAME S5 ep01 Olivia. I finish off my tea and head back to bed shortly after talking to Kenya. I wake up another time to find sunlight beaming into my room. I can hear busy feet scrambling outside my bedroom. I sit up and rub the crust from my eyes, and then peek out my bedroom door. I see Maria walking down the steps in a pair of bat pyjamas. I step into the hallway the same time Jason walks out of his room. His room is across mine. "Good morning," he says with a handsome smirk. "Good morning." I reply. “Did you sleep well?" "I tried." I reply. “Are you feeling okay?” “I feel a little better.” “That ’ s good to hear.” He responds. We walk downstairs together into a busy dining room. Everyone is sitting at the breakfast table and eating, all except for Daniel. Jason walks into the kitchen and observes what ’ s in the fridge. "Good morning." Keny
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