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Untamed S2 ep05

UNTAMED WRITTEN BY STEVEN JERAL HARRIS EDITED BY EMERALD BLUE OKIKI S2 ep05 First Day At Glenworth. It ’ s official. Today marks my first day as a Glenworth student, and I can ’ t be any more excited. I feel butterflies fluttering in my stomach as my mom stops in front of the main entrance of the school. This is it! "Good luck. I ’ ll meet you here at 4:30," she says with a weak voice. “Now get out, before I get all emotional on you.” “See you later mom. I love you,” I say as I exit the van. She then rolls down the passenger window. "Iva, keep your cell on you at all times," she tells me in a sobbing voice. “I will, mom,” I turn to walk away but she calls out to me again. “Iva, wait,” she says with a sobbing voice. “What mom?” I rotate to her sadden face. “Don ’ t go wandering off by yourself.” I gradually begin backing away from the van to avoid her dramatic behavior. I just hope she doesn ’ t cause a big scene in front of

Untamed S2 ep04

UNTAMED WRITTEN BY STEVEN JERAL HARRIS EDITED BY EMERALD BLUE OKIKI S2 ep04 Something To Remember. A tapping on my door wakes me up to a brand new day. I lift my face from my pillow in order to answer. "Come in," I say in a drowsy voice. My mom walks in looking graceful as always, although she ’ s still in her nightgown, and sits at the foot of my bed. "How'd you sleep?" she asks with a warm smile. "Never slept better," I tell her. That ’ s an understatement. Without arthritis, I don ’ t have to worry about tossing and turning every so often in order to get comfortable. It ’ s been a long time since I slept so peacefully. "You have a month until school. We have to get your stuff in order." I groan and turn onto my side, unwilling to depart from my bed. “Right now? I ’ m still so tired.” I say to her while I stretch. “I want to be out by eleven, we have to get everything done today cos I start my ne

Untamed S2 Ep03

UNTAMED WRITTEN BY STEVEN JERAL HARRIS EDITED BY EMERALD BLUE OKIKI S2 ep03 Cold Crime     T he day is not yet done. The sunset is just beginning to blossom in the horizon, bringing a long night for Detective Frank Lancaster. He is aching to find out what really happened to that young girl. He ’ s tired but has no time for sleeping, not right now. He ’ s too busy trying to piece everything together.  Still, if sleeping was an option, he wouldn ’ t take it without feeling some form of regret. First comes solving the crime, sleeping can wait. He never had a case turn cold and never planned to, but there ’ s something that separates this one from all the rest. Instinct tells him there ’ s more to that girl ’ s death than a simple animal attack. It has to be. His only desire at the moment is to unveil the truth. Yet again, he comes to an area blocked off by police officials. This area is off the road, near a flowing river and a thin wooded area. Jones has alr

Untamed S2 ep02

UNTAMED WRITTEN BY STEVEN JERAL HARRIS EDITED BY EMERALD BLUE OKIKI S2 ep02 The Mark     I barely went to sleep last night. I ’ m too high on joy and excitement to rest. My mom keeps me company next to my bedside, confessing about how doctors told her I would die at a very young age. We talk continuously until the morning sunlight creeps upon the hospital. Dr. Richards keeps his word and have nurses poke me with more needles. All of the tests come back with identical results. On the surface, my mom seems happy about this unforeseen situation, but underneath she appears very insecure about it. She can ’ t stop asking ridiculous questions like, “is it possible your computers are malfunctioning?” To ease her anxiety, I stand up on my own once again and walk around the room for reassurance. She orders me to stop and sit back down; worried I may fall and hurt myself somehow. Now I ’ m finally leaving the hospital just pass noon the following day. My mom reposition