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Untamed S2 ep09

UNTAMED WRITTEN BY STEVEN JERAL HARRIS EDITED BY EMERALD BLUE OKIKI S2 ep09 The Blaire’s Confrontation. A moment pass and he exhales, and then places his fork on the plate with a clatter. Before he continues he takes his time to recuperate from the last story. I can see the frustration in his face, as if it just happened. I can ’ t imagine the frustration he felt during that specific time. I can only imagine. “And his father, Cornelius, got angry at me when I questioned him about his son ’ s behavior. To make a long story short I told my partner to take my gun. As God is my witness, I wouldn ’ t be here right now. I would be in jail for murder. I kid you not. I would have shot that son of a bitch. He threatened to kill me in front of the department and got away with it.” “Unbelievable,” the shock in my mother ’ s voice is still fresh. “Believe it. The moral of this story is, if you have money, you can do whatever you want. People are judged by how much tax


BLUEGREFILMSCRIPTS.COM: Untamed S2 ep08 :  Iva Hill thought she's just a simple girl, she never knew what she was until it started happening to her.

Untamed S2 ep08

WRITTEN BY STEVEN JERAL HARRIS EDITED BY EMERALD BLUE OKIKI S2 ep08 The Blaire’s Story. There ’ s a slight break as the subject changed. “So, do you write?” he asks. “Not in a long time. And you?” "Not really. People keep telling me I should but I just like the teaching part of literature," he stops to think for a moment, "well, there ’ s one story I've written but I never published it." "What ’ s it about?" "It ’ s about me and my fiancĂ©e. The story is based on our first date together. About half of the book is narrated by me. The plot is me describing every small aspect of her." Suddenly I see him slip into some kind of love daze. "Her crimson hair flows like fire in the wind, her eyes, brighter than the sky on the sunniest day, her smooth skin breaking the limits of perfection, beyond human comprehension..." he snaps out of his daydream. "It ’ s something like that but, you know, a lot longer

'Fall For You' Trailer

FALL FOR YOU TRAILER THERE ARE TWO SISTERS Winifred and Vera are laughing and clanging their wine glasses together. WHILE THE COUNTRY BATTLES WITH THE RECESSION, THEY BATTLE WITH LOVE WITH ONE MAN, UNKNOWINGLY Winifred smiles passionately gazing at Clive Daniels’ picture in the newspaper in her hands, lost in the realm. Vera notices Clive’s picture on the newspaper in front of her; she smiles with emotions and picks it. ONE IS FOR LOVE, THE OTHER— FOR STATUS. INT.    THE MARTINS – DAY WINIFRED Marriage is not a joke. VERA Yes it is a status and I have to secure it no matter what? From now onwards call me, Miss Vera Clive Daniels. ONE WILL DO ANYTHING TO HAVE HIM VERA All I know is I’m marrying that man no matter what. (dips crunches into her mouth) CRUNCHING SOUND AND THE OTHER ONLY HOPES INT.    WINIVE  WINIFRED (tears clouded eyes; soliloquizes) I love Clive, I love him so much. LUCK SHINES ON THEM WHEN THE MOVIE INDUSTRY DECIDED TO B

Untamed S2 ep07

UNTAMED WRITTEN BY STEVEN JERAL HARRIS EDITED BY EMERALD BLUE OKIKI S2 ep07 Favourites. I hope I ’ m not as stiff looking as I feel. “Ms. Hill, how do the title, ‘From land to sea’, relate to the story?" "Um…" I bite my lip while I wait for my brain to process an answer. ‘…from life to death’." "Wow. A lot of my students never have the answer to that one. Good job Miss Hill. You may sit down," he smiles brightly at me. As I sit back down and the shyness slowly dissolves away. "In the story the warriors fought on land, and in death their bodies were cast into the sea. Therefore the title, From Earth to sea, is only a figure of speech for, from life to death. What made this book so controversial are the gruesome battles he depicted. The climax is the most memorable, when the leader of the rival village kidnapped an innocent man. He tortured this man and killed him. He hung him in the highest tree on their enemy ’ s t