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Untamed S3 ep03

UNTAMED WRITTEN BY STEVEN JERAL HARRIS EDITED BY EMERALD BLUE OKIKI S3 ep0 3 Jason's friends . T he proceeding day is beyond annoying. It doesn ' t matter where I go around campus, all I hear is people raving about Cornelius and Professor Grant ' s argument. It has only been one day and the rumors have spread like a wildfire around the campus. I'm tired of hearing people talk about it, my ears need a break from the exaggerations. What makes matters worse is some gossipers turned the rumor into something else entirely. They ' re starting to say that a fist fight took place in class. If I have to estimate, I ' ve rolled my eyes at least a thousand times so far today. My final class and most anticipated, is Biology. I ' m one of the first to enter class and Jason is one of the last. "What ' s up?" He asks as he sits down next to me. “Nothing much.” Professor Nelson shuts the door and obtains center stage. As

Untamed S3 ep02

UNTAMED WRITTEN BY STEVEN JERAL HARRIS EDITED BY EMERALD B. LORDSFAME S3 ep02 The Blaires Are Nut-Jobs. I t ’ s only my second day in Pre-calculus and Professor Welsh gives us a quiz, which I ’ m highly doubtful about. Afterwards, I take a nice break in the student lounge to eat before heading off to my next class, Psychology. As I walk through the halls I keep an eye out for Jason, and a sharper eye out for the Blaire family. I ’ m trying to avoid them as much as possible. Soon, I ’ m transferring to my favorite class, Introduction to Literature. Professor Grant gives me a welcoming smile as I enter the room. One by one, the rest of the students fill in the vacant seats. The last one to enter, Daniel, marches towards the back with his large frame and takes a seat. Professor Grant shuts the door and walks to the center of the classroom. "Hello everyone and welcome to day number two of my class. I have an interesting topic lined up for you guys. To