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Untamed S4 ep06

WRITTEN BY STEVEN JERAL HARRIS EDITED BY EMERALD LORDSFAME S4 ep06 A New Life A hush spills over me as my brain registers the information my ears just received. I delay for a second to let her words sink in. I then slowly take a couple of steps backward and swallow down hard. "This is obviously a mistake," I tell her with alarm in my voice. I look around the room at the others witnessing my self-destruction. "I can't do this, I won ’ t." The panic in my voice is amplifying. "Take it out of me, today. I want it out. Do you understand?" "You need a rare stone to perform such a ritual. Once used it can't be used again," she informs me. "Sorry, I can't be part of this." My body is beginning to tremor more. “I ’ m just a girl.” “No, you ’ re not, not anymore. You ’ re one of us now.” Kenya says to me straightforwardly. I grasp my chest as if I ’ m having a heart attack. “No, I can ’ t do

Untamed S4 ep05

WRITTEN BY STEVEN JERAL HARRIS EDITED BY EMERALD LORDSFAME S4 ep05 Shiva II “In here.” Eric whispers while opening a classroom door for us. We scuttle into the classroom, the four of us, and together we wait in the darkness. Seconds later, the old receptionist along with two Police Officers hurry pass the door. A moment later, everything settles down. The sound of their marching feet drifts away in the distance. Eric opens the door, softly, to secretively sneak a peek into the hallway. He then rotates to us and whispers… “The coast is clear.” We scurry from the dark room and jog around the corner. Soon, we make our way into the parking lot where we notice a mob of Policemen hurrying into the school through another entrance. “We ’ re on our way.” A Police Officer says into his walkie-talkie. Maria quickly tows me to a sleek black SUV. "Get in," she says while defensively surveying the area, even though the school lot is nearly empty. I hur

Untamed S4ep04

WRITTEN BY STEVEN JERAL HARRIS EDITED BY EMERALD LORDSFAME S4 ep04 Shiva I can hear its teeth snapping at my ear and the warmth from its mouth against my neck, but oddly enough it ’ s not mauling on me. I open my eyes, watching the wolf ’ s fierce leer drifting backward. Then I see Mane behind it, pulling the wolf by the tail. Mane whips his body right, lifting the wolf off the floor and flinging it against the wall. An indentation is the end result of the wolf hitting the wall. Sparks erupt from the smashed light switch, making the lights flicker on and off. The wolf stands on its feet, shaking badly like a cold wet dog. Mane prowls towards the wolf, but the wolf is steadily backing away. Then the tiger comes prowling in, strolling towards the wolf also. The wolf leers at Mane then shifts at the tiger. “You can ’ t take us both,” the tiger tells the wolf. Then Mane snaps at the wolf but it swiftly turns, hurdling over several desks, and leaps throug