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Games for Autism

Games for Autism Yes, that's right! The world is evolving and one of the things the evolvement is treating is using games to tackle mental condition of special kids; for example, kids affected by autism.The game developers are making sure games aren't developed only for pleasure anymore but also for learning and healing; hence the games for autistic children. Dozens of games are now being developed for kids on the spectrum and they are widely used in special schools and by parents of kids with autism. Parents confirmed that kids affected by autism are more focused on video games play that they refuse to do any other activity. Then why not tap into this opportunity and engineer their brain towards games that would really help them? Autistic children have three major difficulties - communication, language and social skills, repetitive and inflexible behaviours but when they play Massive Multiplayer Online games (MMOs), they learn the social customs of the game world as they