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Untamed S2 ep10

UNTAMED WRITTEN BY STEVEN JERAL HARRIS EDITED BY EMERALD BLUE OKIKI S2 ep10 (Season Finale) The Friendly. “Don ’ t look at me,” he demands. I hear his sister snickering behind him as I gulp and look down at the glossy floor tiles, feeling unbelievably defenceless. Kendrick observes left and right down the hallway for anyone who could be watching him harass me. There he sees this one boy walking down the hallway, looking at us as he passes by. “What are you looking at?” Kendrick asks the boy fiercely. The boy quickly turns away and picks up his speed down the hallway, and disappears around the corner. Kendrick then shifts back to me once more. “You ’ re new around here, I can tell” he tells me with such aggression. “You better find out who we are. We own this school. We ’ ll take it easy on you now, but next time…” he stops speaking all of a sudden. Something or someone has caught his attention. For the first time I see another emotion in their face in