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Untamed S5 ep06

WRITTEN BY STEVEN JERAL HARRIS EDITED BY EMERALD LORDSFAME S5 ep06 Clues She flips to another page. This new page shows a leaf symbol, identical to mine. “This is the mark of the apes. They were the protectors of the jungles." "But why am I the only one that can defeat Romulus?" I almost choked when I said his name. “That remains unclear. Quintus says, just like him, some of us have a unique spiritual gift. The wolves can track scent from miles away, the felines are quick at self-healing, and the birds have sharp awareness of their surroundings. Due to the phoenix incredible healing powers, Romulus body is constantly regenerating. For some unknown reason the apes could harm him. That was their unique gift. They were also known for their incredible strength.” “If the apes are so strong, how did Romulus manage to kill them off?” I ask. "Romulus was a master of war. He used a simple tactic.” Olivia explains. “He destroyed their crops an

Untamed S5 ep05

WRITTEN BY STEVEN JERAL HARRIS EDITED BY EMERALD LORDSFAME S5 ep05 Quintus "Oh, I almost forgot about the cookies." She stands and rushes into the kitchen. I can hear the oven door squealing open and closing. "She makes great cookies." Jessica states. "You ’ re such a freeloader." Eric adds. “No shame in my game.” Jessica agrees. Olivia comes back in the living area with a plate of warm cookies and places them on the coffee table. "Help yourself." She announces to everyone. After a series of, "Thank you Miss Olivia", they begin eating her home made oatmeal cookies. Olivia walks over to a bookshelf and grabs a large brown book, places it on the coffee table, and takes a seat next to me again. I stare down at the book and observe it. It ’ s obvious this book is very old. The cover is made from leather. The edges of the book are bruised, and the original black text on the cover is chipping away. I as

Untamed S5 ep04

WRITTEN BY STEVEN JERAL HARRIS EDITED BY EMERALD LORDSFAME S5 ep04 Olivia "And how ’ s she doing?" Sharon asks politely. "She ’ s fine." Daniel replies. "You’ll love Olivia, Iva." Sharon tells me. "She ’ s a really sweet lady." I feel a lot more comfortable in this house rather than Eric ’ s and Jessica ’ s. Maybe it ’ s because they ’ re such welcoming people. “So, what are your, you know, real names?” I ask them, but they stare at me with a confused expression. “Excuse me…?” Sharon asks. "Oh, Iva, my parents are not like us, they ’ re human." Jason explains to me. "But how…?" "We adopted Jason when he was a baby.” David explains. “His mother died at birth and his dad, well, wasn ’ t a dad." "Don't say it like that David." Sharon says to him with disappointment. "His father couldn ’ t cope after the death, so he found someone who wanted a baby. And I couldn

Untamed S5 ep03

WRITTEN BY STEVEN JERAL HARRIS EDITED BY EMERALD LORDSFAME S5 ep03 The dream Her face becomes twisted, like she just ate something rancid, at the mere mention of their name. I don ’ t blame her. She takes a timeout to release some frustration before continuing... "Sweetheart, we're so lucky to have you. I always had a gift at reading people. I know that you ’ re a sincere person. There's no doubt in my mind about that. But your future is so mysterious to me.” Suddenly she leers into my eyes as she ponders deeply. “I ’ m not sure if you know, but sometimes I can see things that haven ’ t happened yet. I had a vision the other day about a girl. I was unable to see her face, but I believe it was you. She was stricken by an immense sadness. And she was all alone in a dark room. And I saw a shadow coming toward her. This shadow was a spiritual darkness.” An eerie vibe slithers up my spine as she tells me her vision. “Was does it mean?” I ask timidly.