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Untamed S5ep10 Season Finale

WRITTEN BY STEVEN JERAL HARRIS EDITED BY EMERALD LORDSFAME S5 ep10 Season Finale The Roller coaster My legs are hanging. I use my free hands to hold and squeeze down on his talons as hard as I can. I ’ ve never been on a roller coaster before in my life. But I have seen people ride them on television several times. This is similar to a roller coaster with the metal restrains over your shoulders, but your feet are left out to dangle. I gaze above me and see the pink sky, and these large brown wings gliding in the wind. Suddenly, a giant white face with a yellow beak looks down into my eyes, winks, and then shifts forward again. I turn and look below me to see my reflection in a lake. The water is so crisp and clean that I can see a school of fish swimming smoothly through it. He lowers me closer to the water. The tips of my shoes caress the surface of the water gently. Then I witness the fish behavior changing. Fish of various sizes and colors begin to jum

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Untamed S5 ep09

WRITTEN BY STEVEN JERAL HARRIS EDITED BY EMERALD LORDSFAME S5 ep09 The experience II He looks over at me and then winks. "It ’ s your turn Athena." Courage says in a deep voice. After a deep inhale her bones begin to shift like Jason ’ s. Suddenly her muscles begin to bulge. Her skin rips open revealing yellow fur underneath. She falls forward as her clothes and skin burst all over the forest floor. Suddenly, a large cheetah falls gently onto the ground. I turn to face Daniel. His transformation seems a lot less stressful than Maria ’ s and Jason ’ s. He takes in a deep breath and maintains it. I see his big shoulders expanding even more. Suddenly his outer layers rip apart and a muscular black lion falls onto the ground with a thump. He shakes off some remaining skin from his back. "It ’ s pretty cool huh?" Athena asks in her deep feminine voice. I open my mouth but no words seem to come out at first. “I will never get used to seein

Untamed S5 ep08

WRITTEN BY STEVEN JERAL HARRIS EDITED BY EMERALD LORDSFAME S5 ep08 The experience. He ’ s dressed in a pair of gray sweat pants, a dingy white shirt, and an old pair of white tennis shoes. He is also wearing a book bag over his shoulders. I stand to my feet and giggle at his appearance. "What are you wearing?" He looks down at himself and laughs too. "Clothes I don ’ t need anymore." He replies with his words mix into his laughter. "I look horrible?" "No but your pushing it." I reply. "So, I ’ m guessing you guys will transform tonight, right?” “Yup.” He replies. Suddenly, I hear more approaching footsteps. Eric and Jessica walks into the living room, pushing each other on the way down. They ’ re also dressed in raggedy outfits with book bags. "Dude, what the hell are you wearing?" Jason asks Eric with broad eyes. Eric looks down at his small pink shirt, which shows off his flat abs. But the