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Untamed S4 ep10 Season Finale

WRITTEN BY STEVEN JERAL HARRIS EDITED BY EMERALD LORDSFAME S4 ep10 Season Finale The Accident. My insomnia still haunts me. All I can think about is my mother. I ’ m worried sick about her. I do manage to get some sleep, but only a little. My eyes open for the fifth time in the middle of the night. There's a faint noise outside my bedroom. It ’ s an unfamiliar voice, a man ’ s voice, but the voice sounds very distant. I walk across the room and peep out my room door slightly. All I can see is a glimmer of light coming from downstairs. I close my bedroom door behind me, tip toe down the hallway, and make my way downstairs. All of the kitchen lights are on. I walk into the living room to find Kenya sitting on the sofa watching television. She looks up at me with a surprised look. "Hi," I greet her half-heartedly. She then smiles at me. "Hello Iva, can't sleep?" "Not really." "You came down here wishing to
Press Release Controversial new novel opens debate on enigmatic artist Diane's Fantasy , the debut novel by ace and stellar actor and scriptwriter, Emerald Lordsfame, is published in January 2019 by pioneering digital publishers,, and Lagos, Nigeria - 14th March, 2019 She was a young multi-billionaire. At fourteen she became a sole heiress to her parents properties after their demise but like every other person, she had her fantasies, especially the kind of man she would love to spend her life with. At twenty, she fell in love with a poor guy named Rick who was the very opposite of her fantasy. And unfortunately, Diane was the opposite of Rick's fantasy too but he loved her deeply. Emerald Lordsfame's debut novel, Diane's Fantasy , sheds light on this intriguing romance. It brings the deep force and struggle between love and fantasy into light. It was published in January 2019 by leading publishers,, A

Untamed S4 ep09

WRITTEN BY STEVEN JERAL HARRIS EDITED BY EMERALD LORDSFAME S4 ep09 New Family "So, do you have any other family members? Is there anyone else we should be aware of?” Kenya asked. "My Uncle Frank." "Oh, yes, your Uncle. And what about your father, is he still around?" I freeze all of a sudden. My eyes fall onto my empty plate. I open my mouth to speak, yet the words take forever to come out. "He left me when I was a baby, so, um...” Somehow I can't continue. A hush sweeps over the table. "Well..." Kenya says in an uplifting way. "...we should all tell Iva a little about ourselves. If we want to survive we need to get along. Let ’ s start with me. I was born in Africa but raised in America. I ’ m the daughter of a teacher and a doctor. I ’ m a very spiritual person. The thing I love to do the most is simply enjoy life." She looks to her right at Jessica. "It ’ s your turn Raven," s

Untamed S4 ep08

WRITTEN BY STEVEN JERAL HARRIS EDITED BY EMERALD LORDSFAME S4 ep08 Worry me I remove the hoarse from my throat. “Come in.” The door swings open. I see light pouring in from the hallway and a clutter of silhouettes. I strain my eyes as the light in the bedroom turns on. The five of them walks into my room and close the door. “Hey,” Maria says to me in a calm voice. “Hey,” I respond half-heartedly. A silence sweeps throughout the room for a moment. Jason clears his airways before speaking… “I just want you to know that we ’ re here for you.” “We all are. There ’ s no need to be afraid,” Eric adds. “It ’ s not me I care about. I ’ m afraid for my mother.” Eric and Jason eye one another. An odd silence shrouds us again but only momentarily. “You don ’ t have to worry about her. She ’ ll be fine,” Jason assures me. “Okay,” I reply mildly. “Is there anything we can do for you?” Maria asks. The question lingers in my head for a moment. “I just