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The Brush Trailer - Emerald Lordsfame

How do you handle a strange housekeeper who claims he's the son of God? The once happy couple are having issues and do not even know why. And to compound it, they hire a strange housekeeper whose name is Jesus. Click here to watch the trailer.   Watch the full movie here: THE BRUSH  

My Story: Diane's Fantasy ep 02

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Watch My Story: Diane's Fantasy ep 01 - Emerald Lordsfame...

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Fools' Act trailer - Emerald Lordsfame... Watch here...

  Emerald Lordsfame is a fast rising nollywood actor and filmmaker. Watch her new movie trailer here     Fools' Act (Ise Ago) Synopsis What will you do if you find your man in a bit compromising position with another woman and before you say Jack Robinson, she's nauseated - wants to puke?    Click to watch the trailer here   

THE BRUSH movie - by Emerald Lordsfame

  THE BRUSH by Emerald Lordsfame A confused marriage for a couple. They have both changed, not knowing the reason behind the changes and not talking about it. And everything becomes more strange when the hire a new housekeeper who claims to be the son of God. Is he really Jesus or a scam?  Click here to watch       Casts. Emerald Lordsfame Fred Amata Rykardo Agbor Clem Aigbor Damilola Adegboro   Produced and Directed by Emerald Lordsfame.