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Untamed S4 ep02

UNTAMED WRITTEN BY STEVEN JERAL HARRIS EDITED BY EMERALD LORDSFAME S4 ep02 Silent Hallway The tall officer leans to him, turning away from me, and lowers his voice. "She said two animals were out there. The first one, she has no idea what it was. The second, she said it was some kind of lion, a black lion at that." The shorter cop face shrinks. "Maybe she saw a black bear." The shorter cop replies in a whisper. “I kept telling her that but…” The taller one finishes the sentence with a shrug. The short cop gazes at me, clears his throat, and approaches. "Okay, um..." He scratches his head. "...can you please start from the very beginning miss?" "Okay." I take a break to calm myself. "I was being chased by some kind of…tall thing. But something else came, something big. I ’ m pretty sure it was a lion. It had fur all around its face like one." "Then what happened?" The short

Untamed S4 ep01

UNTAMED WRITTEN BY STEVEN JERAL HARRIS EDITED BY EMERALD LORDSFAME S4 ep01 Mane I ’ m staring into the eyes of a talking black lion, who is staring right back into mine. He is so close I can feel his breath against my face. I open my mouth to speak but my words are trembling badly. “I ’ ve heard of you… You are… You are…” I try to speak and fail horribly. The massive lion leans slightly closer and reply boldly with these words… “I am Mane. B ut who I am is not important, you must leave here now!” Mane says in an aggressive, straight to the point tone. Now as I sit on the ground, completely awestruck beyond comprehension, I see the other creature starting to stand again from across the field. “So, you ’ re the one they call Mane, aren ’ t you?” The creature says to him. Mane growls under his breath and turns around quickly to face the creature. I see the muscles in his back tightening. I observe the grotesque creature shaking the dizziness fro