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Untamed S3 ep08

UNTAMED WRITTEN BY STEVEN JERAL HARRIS EDITED BY EMERALD BLUE OKIKI S3 ep0 8 The Memorial. School finally reopens that following Thursday. I have come to the realization that people die and some of those deaths are murders. That ’ s still a hard thing to grasp for the simple fact that it ’ s someone I cared about. The ride to school is fairly silent, not because I don ’ t want to talk, but instead I ’ m still mourning over my Professor ’ s death. Today the campus is swarming with police officers. Instead of driving up to the entrance, my mom parks the van and switches off the engine. "You sure you ’ ll be alright?" she asks. I look over at her and notice doubt in her eyes. "I'll be fine mom." "Okay keep your phone on you, at all times." "I will." "I love you, Iva," she says with a warm smile. "I love you too mom." I hop out and shut the door, and then step onto the walkway. The m

Untamed S3 ep07

UNTAMED WRITTEN BY STEVEN JERAL HARRIS EDITED BY EMERALD BLUE OKIKI S3 ep0 7 The visitor II. Cornelius looks at his diamond Rolex watch and observes the time. “I ’ ve been waiting here for about twenty minutes now. If I have to estimate, you just cost me about ten thousand dollars. My time is very, very, valuable Detective.” “What the hell do you want?” Frank says distastefully. “I want what you want, answers. I ’ ll give you one and you give me one. Deal?” Jones and Frank eye one another, and then shift back at Cornelius. “What answers do you have?” Frank asks. “The one you ’ ve been dying to find out. And it ’ s no, I did not do it. I did not kill Professor Grant. Now, here ’ s my question, how are you going to figure this one out? I mean, whoever did this, you have to admit, it was pretty well thought out,” he says with a smirk. “A man body was found dead, dismembered and you find this amusing?” Cornelius thinks about his question. “All I

Untamed S3 ep06

UNTAMED WRITTEN BY STEVEN JERAL HARRIS EDITED BY EMERALD BLUE OKIKI S3 ep0 6 The visitor. A moment later my joints loosens. I remove my eyes from the gruesome scene and hold in a scream with my hands. As I stagger back down the walkway I feel myself lose balance. I stumble right until I hit the brick wall of the school. I hold my jumping heart as I slide down into the wet grass. The girl, who bumped into me moments before, is charging back up the walkway with two other Professors. A minute goes by and I ’ m still curled into a ball against the wall. The Professors must ’ ve discovered his body too, because all I can hear is a series of gasps coming from around the corner. I reach into my pocket and pull out my cell phone. Warm tears begin to roll down my cheeks as I press the call button. "Hello." My mom answers. “Mom, there's been an incident at school. Come, please.” The hysteria in my voice is dominating. “What ’ s going on Iva?” her c

Untamed S3 ep05

UNTAMED WRITTEN BY STEVEN JERAL HARRIS EDITED BY EMERALD BLUE OKIKI S3 ep0 5 Strange behaviour II . I break out of the daydream and realize my mom is waiting for me in the van. I get into the passenger seat and buckle in. "How was school?" s he asks with a bright grin. "It was, um, great." I smile half-heartedly. Hey I have to get dropped off early for something, okay.” “Alright.” She gazes at me for a moment and must've noticed a flaw in my smile. "Are you okay? It looks like something is bothering you." "No, I ’ m fine." I answer while looking away out the window. Our drive home is very quiet. My mom keeps asking if something is the matter but I continue to answer, ‘I ’ m fine’. Before I go to sleep that strange vibe I felt earlier turns into something ugly. And then I have a sense that something terrible is about to happen… I wake up the next morning with Professor Grant ’ s stunned eyes at the top