Untamed ep. 07




Episode 07
The Case II.

 'It must've caught my scent because it turned and saw me,’ the old man pauses to swallow. ‘I was lookin it right in the eyes. And fear struck me so deep I could not move a muscle. I felt the fear in my soul.’ He continues with terror returning in his voice. ‘And I cant describe to you how ugly this thing was, I mean grotesque, hideous being. It looked like my dog, I have a bloodhound, but still, this thing was uglier. No fur just skin. I was scared shitless, I kid ya not the fear I felt was—unnatural. I wouldve killed it but my God…’ He takes a moment to wipe the sweat off his face with his shaky hand. ‘If I wasnt scared stiff I woulda. Then it was gone. I mean it was so fast. My lord.’
‘Are you certain you didnt see an animal?’ Jones joins in.
‘Damn it, dont give me that shit. They kept asking me the same thing. NO! It wasnt an animal.’
‘Calm down sir,’ Frank demands.
The elderly man has built up too much momentum to stop now.
‘Im telling ya it was not human. This thing was a demon. Evil, pure evil.’
‘Enough. Ill have them file a report sir,’ Frank butts in abruptly. ‘Go home please and take it easy. The last thing we need is for you going around scaring people with ghost stories. Please escort this man to his truck.’

A state trooper tries to grab his shoulder but the old man snatches his arm away.
‘Let me finish. You know what I caught it doing?’ The old man says with a nervous voice.
The trooper comes over and grabs his shoulder again.
‘Sir please step aside, the trooper demands boldly.
‘I saw it eating,’ the old man says in a grim voice as he is being pulled away.
‘Wait officer. What did you say?’ Frank asks the elderly man.
‘I saw him eating,’ he says loudly through his teeth.
‘Eating what?’
‘You know what I mean, dont give me that.’
Now even Frank is starting to feel a little bit timid. Its the honesty in the mans eyes that makes it so chilling to him. The fact that the old man is so scared also plays a pivotal role as well. Frank is used to seeing dead bodies wash up. In the past he came face to face with demented men, still he has never really felt fear until now.
‘Im gonna need you to clarify that.’ These words come out of Franks mouth slowly.
‘Dont play stupid. Ive seen her body and so have you. I saw that hole in her chest. What do you think I mean?’
‘Enough okay.’ Frank voice inclines once more.
‘Thats more than enough. Sir please dont go around telling people this. Its just gonna make a bigger mess
of things.’
The old man moves his eyes away from Franks and exhales slowly.
‘Alright?’ Frank presses on.
‘Alright,’ he replies modestly while wiping his runny nose with his hand.
‘Now go home and get some rest,’ Frank tells him.
The old man shifts at Frank, looking him dead in the eyes. He slowly shakes his head at Franks remark.
‘You expect me to sleep? Easier said than done my friend,’ he says with frightened bug eyes. ‘Easier said than done.’
Frank nods at the trooper, seeking his guidance. The trooper steps forward then escorts the old man away from the area and to his truck. Jones approaches Frank with tension in his eyes.
‘Frank, are you really gonna let him go? I think we should bring him in for further questioning. You believe that bull story he just told?’
Frank shakes his head in disagreement.
‘No, hes telling the truth. Well, his idea anyways. It was some kind of animal he saw. What
exactly? I dont know.’
Jones blows out air in retaliation against his comment.
‘Notify the surrounding counties. Put out a missing person report on her boyfriend.’ Frank commands.
‘Okay, your call.’ Jones says hastily while walking towards his car.
Frank takes one more look at the old man, who is throwing some of his belongings in the back of his truck. The old man then notices Frank watching him.
Frank peers deeply into the old mans disturbed eyes, searching for a flaw, but finds no dishonesty in them.
The moment passes and he opens the door of the truck and gets in. Frank watches him ignite the engine and disappear down the road until darkness defeats the trucks headlights.
Somewhere in Franks mind he cant help but think, maybe this old man is not as crazy as he seems, just maybe.

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