Untamed S2 ep10




S2 ep10 (Season Finale)
The Friendly.

“Dont look at me,” he demands.
I hear his sister snickering behind him as I gulp and look down at the glossy floor tiles, feeling unbelievably defenceless. Kendrick observes left and right down the hallway for anyone who could be watching him harass me. There he sees this one boy walking down the hallway, looking at us as he passes by.
“What are you looking at?” Kendrick asks the boy fiercely.
The boy quickly turns away and picks up his speed down the hallway, and disappears around the corner. Kendrick then shifts back to me once more.
“Youre new around here, I can tell” he tells me with such aggression. “You better find out who we are. We own this school. Well take it easy on you now, but next time…” he stops speaking all of a sudden.
Something or someone has caught his attention.
For the first time I see another emotion in their face instead of anger, I see fear in their eyes.
“You may think you own this school, but you dont own me.”
I look to my left, and behold, I see Daniel approaching us with his strict stare.
“This is none of your business.” Kendrick says nervously.
Wow, just like that Kendrick and Arlene has become frightful by the first sight of Daniel.
“It is now,” he backfires at Kendrick.
Daniel stops at my left hand side. Kendrick has a very lean athletic built, but compared to Daniel, he looks very meagre. If Kendrick is about 190 pounds, then Daniel must be at least 220 pounds. I shift away from Daniel and back into Kendricks eyes, and I notice the nervousness building.
“Now, talk to me the way you talked to her,” Daniel orders Kendrick.
Kendrick swallows down hard, unwilling to muster the strength and courage to talk down to Daniel. I dont blame the guy. For some reason Kendrick glances back at his sister, as if she can somehow assist him.
“What are you looking at her for? You arent man enough to speak for yourself?”
Hes trying hard to gather the courage to show some kind of boldness towards Daniel, but I can see his mind refuting that option. Arlene grabs Kendricks shirt and pulls on it, luring him away from Daniels harsh, fearless, leer.
“Come on, lets go.” She says humbly to her brother.
She looks back at me one more time before turning and walking down the hall with her brother at her side. Daniel and I wait until they turn the corner before we loosen our stance.
“You alright?” he asks me.
“Yeah, thanks,” I tell him.
“They like picking on newbies. Consider this a warning. Dont look down so much, it makes you a target for people like them,” he tells me.
“I will remember that,” I reply.
“I hope so,” he says as he backs away and walks down the hallway.
After hearing about how bad the Blaires are, Im just happy Im walking away still intact. Luckily for me, Daniel came to scare them away, which he didnt have to do. Its becoming clear that he, just like my Uncle Frank, has a long history with the Blaires. As I enter Biology class, I realize it has already started. Im greeted by onlookers. Hopefully, they dont notice me sweating.
The Professor is a man, probably in his forties, with a clean brown beard and matching hair. There are no desks in this classroom, only black countertops and sinks. I quickly scan the room for a seat. It takes me a while but I discover one in the back.
"Ditched the wheelchair, I see," a voice says next to me as I sit down.
I turn and quickly realize who it is. Its one of Daniel friends, the boy with dark hair and baby blue eyes.
"Oh hi," I acknowledge him with a smile.
I feel my body tense up, but I dont know why. I shift to Professor Nelson as he continues his lecture on cellular growth. I open my book bag and pull out a fresh notebook.
"Forever Dusk, thats a nice band," the boy says with a grin.
My notebook has my favorite band logo on the cover.
"Yeah, theyre my favorite band," I respond, trying to fight back a big grin.
“Me too. Im Jason by the way," he says with an appealing smirk.
“Im Iva.”
My heart starts to thump against my chest, in a good way. I shift back to the Professor but its impossible to focus on him. Suddenly, I feel a warm sensation travel up my arm. I look down and notice his fingers touching my hand. I stare up into his bright eyes, mesmerized by them. He uses his pen to point towards something beside me.

“Your folder...” he whispers to me.
"What…?" I glance over at the floor, "oh, thanks."
I lean over and grab my folder off the floor. On my way up, I hear him laughing lowly next to me. I hope Im not turning pink in the face.
"So, are you into a lot of rock?" he asks secretively.
"Only now and then, Im picky sometimes. Are you?"
"Of course I am. I have my own band."
"You do? Thats awesome," I reply.
"But its nothing too serious. We do it mostly for fun."
"What instrument do you play?" I ask.
"I do the vocals. The guy that helped your mom that day, he plays the guitar."
“Oh yeah, the guy with the hair?”
He laughs charmingly at my comment.
“Yes, his name is Daniel. Hes pretty badass with the guitar. And his sister, the Goth girl, thats Maria.
She does keyboard. The twins, Eric and Jessica, they rotate on the drums. But we havent played in years.”
"Thats so awesome, having a band and all.”
"So, are you new around here or what?" he asks with a smile which shows no signs of going stale.
"Where are you from?" he questions.
“Cool, so what brings you upstate?”
“My mom moved up here for a job, so I tagged along.”
The more we talked, the more my body slowly becomes tense like a rock.


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