Untamed S3 ep04




S3 ep04
Strange behavior.

Today the gossip about Cornelius and Professor Grant finally dies off, and it's about time. Even more good news, Kendrick didn't return to class today, thank goodness for that one. We wrap up our lessons on J. L. Lucas with a quiz which I'm upmost confident about.
At the end of class everyone, except me, drag their feet to turn in their test. I wait until everyone leaves the room before I approach Professor Grant's desk. He nods  at Daniel as he leaves the room.
I place my test on his desk with a confident smirk.
"I certainly hope you did well," he says in a sarcastic way.
"Hey guess what, I read some of your story."
"You did? How you like it so far?"
"It's very good; you should get it published."
"Yeah, well, maybe one day," he says with uncertainty.
He looks down at my shoulder. The temperature is fair  today so I decided to wear a short sleeve shirt.
"Hold on one second," he says squinting his eyes, “what happened to your arm?”
I look at my shoulder and then back at him.
"Oh, um, trust me, it's a very long and unusual story."
“Can I take a look at that?”
“Sure, but it's pretty gross looking,” I inform him.
I pull my sleeve back and shift my shoulder towards him.
Then something strange happens. He moves his eyes from the mark and into mine, and then it takes me a moment to read his expression. Strangely, for reasons I'm unaware of, utter shock has overcome him.
“Iva…how did you get that scar, seriously?he stutters.
“Um, well, it just was there one day.”
He fiddles with his pen for a moment before asking another question. There's nervous tension building in his face, why, I don't know.
“Did this involve a box of some kind?” he asks slowly and uneasily.
“Yes.” I'm starting to get a strange vibe.
“A red box?” he continues nervously.
“Yes. How did you know?”
“Wow; this changes everything,he says lowly, probably thinking out loud.
Someone comes to his side. It's my biology teacher, Professor Nelson.
"Hey Bill, here's your stapler back," Professor Nelson says while holding out a stapler to him. Nelson looks over at me, glancing at my arm, and transfers back to Professor Grant who is stiff as a board. Professor Grant just can't stop staring at me.
"Bill?" he leans forward and calls to him again.
Suddenly Professor Grant breaks away from his trance.
"Oh, yes, thanks James," he says while taking the stapler with a nervous hand.
"No, thank you," Professor Nelson responds. He takes a second to observe Professor Grant with a detective leer, then me, before exiting the room.
“What are your plans tomorrow Iva. I would like to talk more about this, if you don't mind.”
“What's wrong, I'm sort of lost here. Is there something you're trying to tell me?”
He nods.
“There's much to discuss Iva, much to discuss. Can you meet me here early tomorrow morning? Let's say around 7?”
"Okay, I'll see you at 7." I confirm with uncertainty.
“Please, don't forget,he responds almost in a begging tone, which makes me feel uncomfortable.
“I won't,” I reply.
I proceed out the door and down the hallway. Seriously, what was that all about? I slip into a daydream. All I can  think about is Professor Grant and the alarm in his eyes.
Many thoughts shoot across my mind, mostly questions of course. But two questions in particular are lingering at the top of my head. Why was he so shocked when I showed him the mark? And how did he know about the box I found at that antique shop? Even Professor Nelson felt some strange vibe in the room between Grant and me. That proves it's not just me who noticed his out of place behavior.
"Iva." someone shouts my name.

...to be continued

Watch out for the next episode... 

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