Untamed S3 ep05




S3 ep05
Strange behaviour II.

I break out of the daydream and realize my mom is waiting for me in the van. I get into the passenger seat and buckle in.
"How was school?" she asks with a bright grin.
"It was, um, great." I smile half-heartedly. Hey I have to get dropped off early for something, okay.”
She gazes at me for a moment and must've noticed a flaw in my smile.
"Are you okay? It looks like something is bothering you."
"No, Im fine." I answer while looking away out the window.
Our drive home is very quiet. My mom keeps asking if something is the matter but I continue to answer, ‘Im fine’. Before I go to sleep that strange vibe I felt earlier turns into something ugly. And then I have a sense that something terrible is about to happen…
I wake up the next morning with Professor Grants stunned eyes at the top of my head. I try hard to forget it but the flashback is still fresh. So many unanswered questions are beginning to burden me with anxiety. If Im lucky, my meeting with him would cure my bewilderment. As I play with my eggs with my fork I feel my mom's laser vision on me again.
"Are you sure youre okay?"
I look up at her and sigh loudly, expressing my frustration toward her constant questioning.
"Mom, nothings wrong. Can you stop asking me that?" I tell her with a volume I typically never reach.
“Okay.” she replies and continues to eat her breakfast.
The drive to school is another silent one. We arrive so early that most of the parking spots are still available. She pulls up to the main building and parks the van near the curb.
"Okay, see you later." I say while opening the door but my mom stops me.
"Wait just one second. I just want to have a little chat."
I position myself back into the passenger seat and shut the door.
"If something was bothering you, would you tell me?"
"Mom Im fine. Can you please stop it?"
"Im not trying to turn this into an argument," she clarifies.
"I just got a lot of school stuff on my mind, thats all."
Again, just like any other time, shes reading me like an open book. She knows Im lying through my teeth. I cant hide anything from my mother even if I try. I would like to talk about it but…how can I explain things to her that I dont understand.
“Okay, well, have a nice day at school,” she tells me.
Im free, thank goodness for that.
"Have a nice day at work." I reply as I exit the van.
I watch the van emerge into traffic before I proceed up the walkway. I whip out my cell phone and update myself on the current time. In 15 minutes Ill be meeting up with Professor Grant, so he can clarify the questions Ive been dying to have answered.
Suddenly, a girl bumps into my shoulder and startles me.
"Hey," I blurt out automatically.
I look over my shoulder and witness the girl running with her hands clamped against her mouth. I take a breath to lower my startled heart. I proceed up the walkway, only to discover another student sprinting my way. His eyes are consumed with extreme panic. I step aside so I wouldnt get run over by him. A gloomy sense starts to expand inside me.
"What is going on?" I whisper to myself.
I continue up the walkway quicker than before, aching to find out whats going on. An ear splitting scream rips through the silence of the morning. My fast walking converts into a jog. I see a boy coming around the west wing of the campus. He is talking franticly to someone on his cell phone.
"We need the police here now, there's been a murder," he cries hysterically into his phone.
My heart rate skyrockets. A girl comes from round the corner with her hands pressed tightly against her lips. I watch her collapse into some boy's arms. It seems like forever but I finally make it around the corner, where a small gathering of students stands motionless. They all appear to be staring at something over my head. I dont want to look, but my curiosity is forcing me.
I slowly follow their gaze behind me and upward. I immediately become immobile. Im now looking at something so shocking, so staggering, that reality seems unreal. Behold a body, with a gaping hole in its chest, harnessed at the top of the building. Yet, there is only a torso and a head.
The torso is covered in blood. The blood is in the form of a giant X. Im dreadfully sad to say that this torso belongs to the one and only Professor Grant.

...to be continued

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