Untamed S3 ep06




S3 ep06
The visitor.

A moment later my joints loosens. I remove my eyes from the gruesome scene and hold in a scream with my hands. As I stagger back down the walkway I feel myself lose balance. I stumble right until I hit the brick wall of the school.
I hold my jumping heart as I slide down into the wet grass. The girl, who bumped into me moments before, is charging back up the walkway with two other Professors. A minute goes by and Im still curled into a ball against the wall. The Professors mustve discovered his body too, because all I can hear is a series of gasps coming from around the corner. I reach into my pocket and pull out my cell phone. Warm tears begin to roll down my cheeks as I press the call button.
"Hello." My mom answers.
“Mom, there's been an incident at school.
Come, please.” The hysteria in my voice is dominating.
“Whats going on Iva?” her concern instantly takes over.
“Mom, just come now.”
“Okay, Im on my way.”
A couple of minutes later, I meet my mom back at the main entrance. She hurries out of the van and pauses momentarily to gawk at the anarchy that is building momentum around her.
"Iva, what is going on?" She speaks with intense anxiety.
I approach her slowly with watery eyes. Sirens grow in the distance until, one, two, three, and four squad cars rush onto the murder scene.
"Iva, what happened...?"
I throw my head into her chest and she wraps her arms around me with an unbreakable grip. On the way home, I tell my mom what I saw. The shock on her face is brutal but its nothing compared to those distraught faces at the scene.
Two hours later, Uncle Frank and his partner, Detective Jones, comes over to our house for questioning. Its hard for me to answer any of their questions because the flashbacks are constantly reappearing in my head. All I can see in my mind is Professor Grants lifeless body and all I can hear are the cries from those who discovered him. Its ripping me into two.
“Iva? Iva?” Uncle Frank gathers my attention again.
I snap back into reality another time.
“You were one of the last people to speak to him,” Uncle Frank states. “Did you notice anything in his behavior?”
“I did notice him acting strange.” I reply in a zombie-like tone.
“How so?”
“I dont know just weird. Its hard to describe. But you know what, like two days prior to that, he and Cornelius Blaire were arguing.”
“Where?” Jones asks urgently.
“In class.”
“About what?” Frank presses on.
“Kendrick didnt want to be in his class, so Professor Grant kicked him out.”
“Did he threaten Grant?”
“He said he will get him fired.”
“Did he threaten Grant with his life?” Uncle Frank interrogates further.
I think harder and try to remember if any death threats were thrown around between them two.
“Sure.” Frank asks.
Uncle Frank places his pen in the coil of his mini notepad.
“Thats all I need for now.” He informs me.
“You know…Im sorry you had to see that Iva.” He comes over to me and kneels down with soothing eyes. “I met Grant before, a great guy he was. I promise you Ill find the son of a bitch that did this. I may already know who. Love you kiddo, hang in there.
“Alright.” I nod humbly.
He stands and nods at his partner, and together they leave the house with modest expressions.
I know who Uncle Frank was referring to. I wouldnt be surprised if the Blaires had something to do with his death.
Glenworth police department rests on the outskirts of Glenworth near the river. Detective Lancaster and his partner Detective Jones, were arguing the entire way back about who their suspect might be.
“Im telling you Jones, the Blaires has something to do with these murders,” Frank says with total confidence.
“Maybe but we need the motive Frank. An argument alone wont cut it. Well need hard evidence to convict.”
“We just have to figure something out. I know they have something to do with this,” Frank says confidently again.
Frank pulls his car onto the rocky gravel in front of the police department and kills the engine. They enter the police department where a female officer awaits to speak with Frank at the main reception desk.
“Hey Detective, you have a visitor. Hes waiting in the interrogation room for you,” she informs him.
Jones and Frank both go into a large room with beige walls and one table in its center, a man is sitting in a chair, waiting patiently with his fingers crossed on top of the table.
“Hi Detective,” the man says without turning.
Both Frank and Jones immediately recognize the voice. But Frank has to be certain its him. He walks around the table to see if the face matches the voice. Indeed, its Cornelius Blaire.

...to be continued

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