Untamed S3 ep07




S3 ep07
The visitor II.

Cornelius looks at his diamond Rolex watch and observes the time.
“Ive been waiting here for about twenty minutes now. If I have to estimate, you just cost me about ten thousand dollars. My time is very, very, valuable Detective.”
“What the hell do you want?” Frank says distastefully.
“I want what you want, answers. Ill give you one and you give me one. Deal?”
Jones and Frank eye one another, and then shift back at Cornelius.
“What answers do you have?” Frank asks.
“The one youve been dying to find out. And its no, I did not do it. I did not kill Professor Grant. Now, heres my question, how are you going to figure this one out? I mean, whoever did this, you have to admit, it was pretty well thought out,” he says with a smirk.
“A man body was found dead, dismembered and you find this amusing?”
Cornelius thinks about his question.
“All Im saying is… I didnt like the bastard anyways.”
Jones and Frank cant believe what their ears just heard. A moment lingers as they stare into Cornelius hollow eyes. Cornelius shrugs his shoulders at his previous remark, carelessly.
“Listen, you sick, sadistic, prick. I know you did it. I will turn you in,” Frank informs him in a harsh tone.
Cornelius looks around the room and back at the two of them.
“But I already turned myself in,” he tells Franks with a false dumbfounded expression.
Frank explodes into a hateful rage and slams his palms onto the table top.
“Damn it. Dont play games with me. Im talking about life!”
“Oh, prison. You are sadly mistaken. That will never happen,” Cornelius replies confidently.
“I will find a connection,” Frank reassures in a normal yet firm tone.
“I cant wait to hear your plan.” Cornelius says sarcastically.
“In a week Ill have a warrant.”
“Okay, and then what? Ill bail myself out and become a free man. And how will you win the case? Oh, yeah, I forgot, whats that stuff called again? Evidence, thats it, youll need evidence.”  Suddenly, Cornelius mood changes as well. “Are we done here Detective?” he asks angrily. “You have no case, I own this town. I pay more taxes here in a year than you would your entire pathetic life. I own this department.”
Frank looks at Jones, gesturing his assistance.
Franks doesnt have to say a word, Jones has known him for so long he can almost read his mind, and at this very moment he knows Frank has an urgent sense to shoot something.
“Take your gun?” Jones asks Frank.
“Please.” Frank reply.
Jones pull Franks gun from his side and steps away.
“Are we done?” Cornelius asks again.
Frank forces himself away from the table and backs into the corner, so he wont be tempted to harm Cornelius.
“Get the hell out.” Frank orders him.
Cornelius stands up with his chin high in the air, bursting with pure arrogance.
“I appreciate our little chat. Now, get back to work, Im not paying you to stand around.”
Cornelius chuckles and exits the room.
Due to the investigation Glenworth is closed down until further notice. I spent the weekend mourning over the death of my beloved friend and Professor. I wish I can somehow wake up from this nightmare, but everyone knows life isnt so simple. I wonder if there was something couldve done to prevent it, but at the same time, how did I know someone wanted him dead? As I sit in bed, unable to sleep on this Sunday morning, my mom comes in with a breakfast platter.
"Hey sleeping beauty," she smiles at me soothingly while placing the food on my desk.
Eating food right now is the least of my concerns. All weekend I barely ate much. Those traumatizing images of his dead body are still fresh in my mind.
"Hungry?” she asks.
“No.” I reply in the most humble voice possible.
“Well you have to eat something. You havent eaten in two days,” she replies and sits on the foot of my bed. "And I want to have a little chat with you, about school."
She stops temporarily to contemplate.
"I know how important school has been to you. I can't make you do anything you dont want to. If you want to stay at Glenworth, fine. Just make sure you are very careful, okay?"
"Mom I'll be fine. Dont go around worrying about me."
"Just be mindful, thats all I'm saying. Keep your cell on you at all times. Also have a teacher on speed dial..."
"Mom…" I butt in. "Please. I can handle it. Youre not helping."
She pauses for a moment to breathe. Its only natural for a mom to feel cautious about their children.
Thats why I never blame her for those motherly instincts.
"I love you a lot. I just don't want anything happening to you."
“I know.” I reply understandingly.
She kisses me on the forehead before walking out.

...to be continued

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