Untamed S4 ep02




S4 ep02
Silent Hallway

The tall officer leans to him, turning away from me, and lowers his voice.
"She said two animals were out there. The first one, she has no idea what it was. The second, she said it was some kind of lion, a black lion at that."
The shorter cop face shrinks.
"Maybe she saw a black bear." The shorter cop replies in a whisper.
“I kept telling her that but…” The taller one finishes the sentence with a shrug.
The short cop gazes at me, clears his throat, and approaches.
"Okay, um..." He scratches his head. "...can you please start from the very beginning miss?"
"Okay." I take a break to calm myself. "I was being chased by some kind of…tall thing. But something else came, something big. Im pretty sure it was a lion. It had fur all around its face like one."
"Then what happened?" The short officer asks.
"Then they started fighting."
The two officers look at one another. The taller officer shrugs his shoulders again. The shorter officer shifts back to me.
"Whatever it was, its gone now. Thank God youre safe.”
The short police officer looks back at the taller one and says…
"Go alert the dean if hes still here. Tell him theres been an animal attack, no students should be allowed in the park until further notice. Better yet, they come to school and they go home, thats it. Im going to check the park one more time."
The taller cop leaves the office.
“Its getting pretty late, are you waiting for a ride miss?”
The short cop asks me.
“Yeah, my mom is picking me up soon.”
“Well, call to make sure shes still coming.”
I feel around my jacket and realize my pockets are flat. I close my eyes and sigh deeply.
“Damn, I dont have it.”
“When did you have it last?”
“The last place I had it was…” I stop for a moment to collect my thoughts. “…Biology class.”
“We have a phone here.” The elderly receptionist states at the desk.
“I dont know her number by heart.”
“You should see if its still there. Get your phone and come back. I dont want you wondering around too much, okay.”
I nod to him.
"You be safe miss." The short cop says before leaving the room.
I then bury my face into my hands. I take a well needed break to collect myself before standing and walking into the hallway. As I turn out the door, I almost collide into someone. I look up into a pair of angry blue eyes which I notice belongs to Kendrick Blaire. My heart rate instantly doubles.
"Sorry." I swallow hard.
He doesn't respond. He just looks at me with anger burning in his eyes.
"Oooookay." I mutter.
I decide to walk around him and proceed down the hallway quickly. Im now near the end of the hallway yet I still feel like Im being watched. I turn my head to prove my theory correct. Kendrick is watching me walk with a scorching look in his eyes. I make a right down the hall, take a deep breather, and shake the fear from my head.
When I make it to the end of the hallway, I turn left and double my pace. It feels so strange being inside an empty hallway with dark classrooms and no noise but my own walking feet. I again start to feel a sense of paranoia. I try to let it go except it has a strong grip on my mind. I stop walking when I reach my biology classroom door. My hopes of entering dissolves when I realize no lights are on, still I try to turn the knob on the door in attempt to enter. Great, its not locked.
Before Im able to enter, I hear a clicking sound somewhere around the corner to my left, and it seems the noise is heading in my direction. I stand completely still, watching down the lonely dim corridor, waiting for someone to appear. Instead of a person, I see a brown wolf with a white spot on its eye walking around the corner at the end of the hallway.
I become frozen like a photograph as it gently sits on the floor with its eyes locked into mines.
Seconds later, I decide to breathe again. I put my right foot back and slowly rotate myself. As I turn around I see something else standing on the opposite end.
This time its a large tiger. I remain motionless for a moment, staring into its yellow eyes.
“Come with me, Iva.” The tiger says in a deep voice.
I swallow down hard. Immediately, my blood begins to rush through my veins and my heart rate speeds up.
“No Iva, come with me.” The wolf says behind me in a deep tone.
I look at the wolf and back at the tiger, and then at the wolf again. I open my mouth but nothing seems to come out.
“Come to me, I will protect you.” The wolf says to me, nearly in a whisper.
“Dont listen to him. Hell kill you.” the tiger warns me urgently.
“Liar.” the wolf responds back in a hostile tone.
Suddenly the wolf starts to walk ever so gently towards me.
“Come with me.” the wolf says in a soft voice.
I have a sense that the wolf is being mischievous.
I think its the low monotone sound of its voice which makes me doubtful.
“Stay away from him.” the tiger says loudly.
Then the tiger starts to walk slowly towards me as well.
“I said…come here!” the wolf finishes the sentence in a roaring yell before he sprints towards me.
The tiger snarls deeply and takes off gunning in my direction. Now Im caught in the middle of another deathly duel…

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