Untamed S4ep03




S4 ep03

Both animals are charging at me like two freight trains on a collision course.
“Get down!” The tiger shouts as he bounds over my head, nearly touching the ceiling, and diving onto the wolf.
I swiftly duck my head as he soars over me. Together they tumble on the floor and begin to snap at each other viciously. As I watch them fight each other, the tiger pushes the wolf, thrusting him towards me. I yelp and lean my torso back to avoid being hit by the wolfs body. His tail brushes my face as he is slung across the narrow corridor, and then I witness his body hitting a classroom door and cracking it. The tiger quickly charges at the wolf again, shooting pass me, and then gets the wolf pinned onto the floor. But, even though the tiger has a slight advantage, the wolf is snapping his teeth and snarling, trying its best to get the upper hand. I dont stay much longer to see what happens after that. I quickly jump to my feet and dash away from the scuffle, and then I make a right down the hallway where more trouble awaits for me.
Before Im able to turn the corner I tense up like a rock again, which causes me to slip and fall as I attempt to stop abruptly. I see yet another wolf walking toward me, but it stops walking when we discover each other. Great, now Im face to face with yet another wolf, but this one is about two feet away from me. It then lowers to the ground with its ears bending back, showing off its viciousness. This one is gray in color with some patches of white near its belly and backside.
Now, Im on the floor staring into its horrifying blue eyes.
“Wrong way,” the wolf says to me in a deep feminine voice.
Without warning it snaps at me, its teeth cracking hard against each other. I cower behind my arms as I scream defencelessly for help. The beast clamps down on the sleeve of my jacket and proceeds to shake its head violently. I feel my body jerk left and right like a ragdoll as it proceeds to shake me. Then it starts to pull on my sleeve until I find myself sliding across the floor.
As I continue to get dragged, my mind goes into secondary drive. I use my other hand to reach into my jacket pocket and pull out the first thing I manage to grab. The wolf releases my arm and immediately takes a snap at my face, but I thrust the object from my pocket into its face. The wolf howls in pain when I stab the beast with a ballpoint pen thats now protruding from the side of its head.
The wolf cries like a woman in labor. I stand up once again and haul ass down the hallway as fast as I can. I turn and see the wolf shaking its head and using its paw to remove the pen. I quickly open a vacant classroom door and slip into the darkness. I then close the door, ever so gently and carefully. I stand beside the door, breathing deeply, watching through the glass window slyly. Suddenly I hear a woman voice grunting in anger.
“I was going to take it easy on you bitch,” her dark voice echoes from down the hall.
I can feel my body turning numb with fear.
“I can smell your stench,” the voice seems to be drawing nearer.
I begin to scream, but I quickly refrain myself by clamping my sweaty hands against my mouth.
“I am going to rip your throat out.” The wolfs voice is getting closer.
Im getting cool from sweating so profusely.
“After you, I will find your mother,” the wolf says in an angry undertone.
I turn my eyes away from the window to collect myself. Not only am I frightened for my own life, but now my mothers as well. I press my hands tighter against my mouth to stop my frightful sobbing. A moment later, I maintain control over my emotions and lower my hands from my mouth. Then I quietly slip from the shadows, and peek secretively out of the class door window once more.
I flinch back into the darkness when I notice the wolf walking outside the door and heading my way.

What do I do, what do I do?
My mind cant seem to decide my next strategy.
I scan the dark classroom for something to defend myself. Then I hear the sound of a door whining open in the hallway. Carefully, I use one eye to look into the dimly lit hallway. The wolf is pushing through the door across from me.
I watch as the wolf strolls slowly into the darkness. A pinch of relief lowers my pounding heart rate. A moment later, I begin my next escape plan, which would consist of me opening this door and hauling ass down the hall. I slowly reach for the door handle, feeling the adrenaline releasing into my bloodstream, getting my lungs and legs ready for the run. I twist the handle, now my heart is beating like a drum against my chest.
But before Im able to pull the door open, I hear a flurry of feet charging. A millisecond later, I see the wolf shooting out of the shadows and coming my way. I gasp and dive onto the floor as the door, along with pieces of metal, soar over my head and crash into the front row of desks in the classroom. I swiftly turn on my back and begin to scurry backwards.
The wolf is standing in the doorway completely shrouded with rage. I can see blood dripping down from its new wound.
“There you are,” the beast says in a low whispering voice.
I gulp and continue to scurry back until I hit the wall.
“You think I would let you get away, after what you did to me?” The wolf says with a snarl as it begins to approach.
“Stay back!” I yell at the creature, which sadly enough is my only defence.
The wolf breaks into a run towards me. I close my eyes tightly and turn my face against the wall.

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