Untamed S4 ep10 Season Finale



S4 ep10 Season Finale
The Accident.

My insomnia still haunts me. All I can think about is my mother. Im worried sick about her. I do manage to get some sleep, but only a little.
My eyes open for the fifth time in the middle of the night. There's a faint noise outside my bedroom. Its an unfamiliar voice, a mans voice, but the voice sounds very distant. I walk across the room and peep out my room door slightly. All I can see is a glimmer of light coming from downstairs.
I close my bedroom door behind me, tip toe down the hallway, and make my way downstairs. All of the kitchen lights are on. I walk into the living room to find Kenya sitting on the sofa watching television. She looks up at me with a surprised look.
"Hi," I greet her half-heartedly.
She then smiles at me.
"Hello Iva, can't sleep?"
"Not really."
"You came down here wishing to find someone else?" she peers at me with a smirk.
I immediately let out a smile.
"You dont need to say a word. I already know your answer," she says.
Theres a slight pause between the two of us. I look over at the large flat screen on the wall.
"What are you watching?"
"A soccer game. Do you watch sports?"
"No, Im not a sports person, at all." I make sure she hears the words, “at all”, clearly.
"I watch it occasionally,” she continues, “I'm not an athlete either, but Ive been to a game before. Its very entertaining."
She looks at the television, not watching the game, yet thinking deeply.
"The humans are so carefree, about everything."
She says.
"Ignorance is bliss," I say to myself, but she hears me.
She breaks away from her deep thought and shifts towards me.
"Is it?" she ponders again but mildly. "Hmmm...
“But the truth will set them free.”
“Maybe they dont want to be free. Maybe they like being ignorant,” I reply.
“Thats so interesting. It doesn't matter what decisions we make in life, there's always a consequence, always."
She grabs the remote and switches off the television.
"Well..." she stands to her feet and breaks a smile. "...how are you feeling? Better I hope."
"I feel okay."
"Thats good. Come, sit with me. Keep me company."
I follow her into the dining room, and then sit down at the table as she walks into the kitchen.
"Do you like tea, Iva?"
"Do I? Thats all I ever drink."
I hear the sound of closing cabinets, followed by the sound of water being poured into cups. She then walks into the dining room with a mug in each hand, places one down in front of me, and takes a seat across from me.
"Thanks," I say as I take a sip.
We marinate in silence while drinking our sweet green tea together.
"If you dont mind me asking, where is their father?" I ask, realizing I shouldnt when I see her face flatten.
She places down her cup of tea and looks at it.
"Um, their father died, years ago."
"Im so sorry."
"No its fine, dont be sorry. It happened fifteen years ago. My son was eight at the time. He and Mane were…" she swallows down the hurt. "...the best of friends. Mane always was a bit…different. But his father understood him. When he died, it was like a piece of him, also died. Thats when he became obsessed at solving things," her eyes start to glisten a little. “A doctor one day told me hed noticed such behaviour before. He says its because some people, when something terrible happens to them and they dont have an answer for it, they go to other things to sort out their problems. His, of course, is puzzles.”
"How did he die, if you dont mind me asking?"
She finally looks up at me.
"One day they were going fishing. On the way back the car went off a bridge and into the water. An eighteen wheeler crushed the passenger side of the car.
Mane stuck in there. He told me that all he could remember was water everywhere. He noticed that the roof of the car was peeling back. His father saved his life just in time. As he went to the surface someone helped pull him to safety. It was your Uncle.”
“My Uncle?”
“Yes, it was his first day on the job. Strangely, Mane never liked your Uncle after that. I believed its because Mane thinks he shouldve died there with him.”
“Wow, Uncle Frank never told me about that.
“So, did his father drown?”
“Yes. They found his body under the car, it flipped on him," her breathing collapses. "I was in the kitchen when I felt this pain in my chest. Thats when I knew something terrible had happened."
"Hold on, you felt him dying?"
"Yes. We are a lot different from humans, spiritually. Sometimes, if you love someone unconditionally, you become spiritually bonded to that person. It doesn't matter where you are. If you are bonded to that person, when they are in grave danger, you will find them. Its a very rare occurrence. But believe me Iva, its more of a curse than a gift. I was heartbroken when I lost him, but feeling him suffer to death was the worst pain of all.”
“I cant imagine going through that.” The thought alone saddens me.
“When my son returned home, it was like staring at a brick wall. He didnt speak for a very long time after that. Some children at school started to make a sport out of him, so I kept him home for a while. He grew to be very isolated and angry. I spent so much money sending him to several doctors and psychologists. But nothing worked,” she pauses to wipe a tear from her eye, “one day, months later, he spoke while we were eating at the table. He said he wanted to be alone. And now thats all he ever wants.”
She clears the hoarse from her throat.
“The person he once was and ever will be is somewhere in that lake,” she breaks the gloomy mood with a calm grin. “Well, Im heading back to bed. You have a good night,” she says with a bleak smile.
She goes in the kitchen then places her mug into the sink.
“Try to get some sleep,” she tells me. “You have a long day ahead of you.”
“Whats happening tomorrow?”
She chuckles and says…
“You have a lot of people to meet silly girl.”
She walks out of the dining room and up the steps…

Watch out for Season Five... 


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