Untamed S5 ep01



S5 ep01

I finish off my tea and head back to bed shortly after talking to Kenya. I wake up another time to find sunlight beaming into my room. I can hear busy feet scrambling outside my bedroom. I sit up and rub the crust from my eyes, and then peek out my bedroom door. I see Maria walking down the steps in a pair of bat pyjamas.
I step into the hallway the same time Jason walks out of his room. His room is across mine.
"Good morning," he says with a handsome smirk.
"Good morning." I reply.
“Did you sleep well?"
"I tried." I reply.
“Are you feeling okay?”
“I feel a little better.”
“Thats good to hear.” He responds.
We walk downstairs together into a busy dining room. Everyone is sitting at the breakfast table and eating, all except for Daniel. Jason walks into the kitchen and observes whats in the fridge.
"Good morning." Kenya says to me.
"Good morning." I reply.
"How did you sleep?" She questions me.
"I slept okay."
"Im a little hungry." Thats an understatement, Im starving.
"I'll cook you something." She says and begins to lift up from her chair, but I stop her.
"No its okay. Cereal is fine."
"You dont have to lift a finger. Ill get it for you.” She tells me.
“You know, you guys are not my maids. I can do things on my own.”
“But youre our guest.” Jessica says while pulling back a chair for me.
“Okay, if you insist.” I tell Jessica as I sink into the chair.
Jason goes into the kitchen and comes out chomping on an apple in one hand, and in the other, holding a breakfast bar. He winks as he sits down next to me, which makes me blush.
"What kind of cereal do you like?" Kenya asks from the kitchen.
"I like granola." I reply.
"Do you want any fruit?" She questions.
"Um, do you have any bananas?"
Jessica snorts two seats down from me.
"Hear that guys? Shes craving those already."
She says with a smile.
Everyone giggles, I do too.
"Haha." Kenya mocks Jessica as she walks in with my breakfast. "You think youre so funny, don't you?"
Jessica smiles and replies...
"I didnt think it was funny." Eric says in a low voice.
Jessicas smile flatten.
"Why do you always have to open your dumb lips?" Jessica asks him angrily.
"Dont toot your own horn so much. Thats all Im saying." Eric replies.
Jessica lifts her fist into the air.
"What if I punch a damn hole in your face? Maybe youll think thats funny."
Eric pauses and then ponders about her threat.
"How would that be funny?" He says while shaking his head in disagreement. “Itll be more like, AHHHH! I have a hole in my face.” He says while clamping his face and pretending to be in agonizing pain. “Im bleeding blood everywhere. And its totally not funny. AHHHH!”
"You two stop this mess, please." Kenya prompted. “Aero move a seat down."
Eric blows out a lung full of air, which causes his lips to flap together. He drags his bowl across the table then falls into the next chair over. Kenya sits down and gets comfortable at the table.
"And I thought I only had two children." Kenya says to herself.
Kenya shakes her head as she spreads open the newspaper in front of her face.
"So wheres Daniel, I mean Mane." I ask.
She giggles.
"I told you so. My son is a mystery. Hes somewhere hiding.”
She shifts back into the newspaper and continues reading.
An hour later, Im fully dressed and ready to go.
I walk downstairs into the living room where everyone is waiting patiently for me.
“Five down, one to go.” Jessica says.
As soon as Jessica finishes the sentence, I hear heavy feet marching downstairs sluggishly until Daniel makes his appearance in the living room. He scans the room with his stern eyes. Its as if everyone is waiting for him to make a move or say something.
"Are we going to do this or what?" Daniel asks everyone.
"You tell me. We've been waiting forever." Eric says.
Daniel doesn't respond. Everyone stands to their feet and then exit through the front door.
"Mane no speeding today," Kenya says in the doorway, “thats unless you need to. I'm tired of paying for tickets. You hear me?"
Daniel opens the drivers door of the SUV and acts as if he didnt hear her speak.
"Mane…?" She shouts to him.
"Yes, I heard you. Whatever." He says before getting into the car.
Today, Jason and I are in the back seats, Maria and Jessica in the middle aisle, and Eric and Daniel at the front. Daniel reverse out of the driveway and drives up the road at the normal speed limit.
"Iva," Jessica calls to me, "my mom can be over the top sometimes. Shes also a little short on manners. Thats just her character."
"She's like a child on caffeine." Eric adds. "Twenty four hours a day, seven days a week, all freaking year long." He shakes his head annoyingly as he finishes the sentence.
"Thanks for the heads up." I reply. “Is there anything good about her? So far her cooking is bad, she has no manners, and shes like a kid on caffeine.”
“Yeah, she can see the future.” Jessica says.
“Well, sometimes.” Eric adds.
A couple minutes later, the car pulls into a long driveway. We park in front of a large white house with red window shutters. The house is surrounded by trees.
"Were here already?" I ask Jason.
"Yes. We all live pretty close to one another." He says.
We exit the SUV and walk to a red front door.
Before Daniel is able to knock on the door, it swings open.

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