Untamed S5 ep02



S5 ep02
Jessica’s right.

A very excited woman appears in the doorway, bouncing on her heels. She looks like a fifty old version of Jessica except her hair is cut short with gray streaks.
“Mom, this is Iva, Iva this is our…” Eric tries a proper greeting but fails.
"Where is she, where is she!" The woman demands in a loud voice.
She gasps loudly as her eyes discover mine. She reaches her arms forward and escorts me in the house. I walk in awkwardly stiff. I dont want to come off as rude its just…Ive never met someone so loud, so….how can I put this….out there. She escorts me to an armchair and pushes me down into the cushion.
She then takes a seat on the sofa in front of me.
“Do you want anything to drink?” She asks me nicely.
“Im fine, thanks.”
“Are you sure?” She asks nicely again.
“Yes, Im sure.” I reply.
I look at my surroundings. The style of the house appears mediocre. The sofa is a beige color, the walls are painted an eggshell white, and the floors are hardwood. I do notice theyre a little unorganized by the way papers are scattered onto the coffee table and dining table. They also have used dishes laying around the house. They also have lots of pictures of Jessica and Eric hanging all over the walls.
"Who is it?" A man voice shouts down the steps.
"Who do you think it is?” Margie says and abruptly flips into another character, which is fuelled with frustration.
Then just like that, when her eyes shifts back to mine, she's normal again. Even her behavior is similar to Jessicas.
"Im Margie. My real name is Aerial. Its an honor to finally meet you Iva." She says with an angelic smile.
A man dressed casually in a pair of black slacs and a gray sweater comes downstairs. He looks like a fifty year old version of Eric, but like Margie, hes a little overweight. Their weight seemed to be caused by age and not necessarily by overeating. Another thing this man has that Eric doesnt is a greying moustache.
"Why hello." He says warmly.
"Hi." I reply.
He extends his hand to me and I shake it. Also, his demeanor is definitely a lot more humble than Erics.
"Im Charles, but you can call me Zephyr. May I help you to anything?"
"I asked already." Margie says to him with her eyes turning wicked.
"Okay, calm down." He replies.
She peers at him as he sits down next to her on the sofa.
"Don't embarrass me." She whispers to him.
He puffs out air and looks away from her. She shifts back to me with a fresh smile.
"If you don't mind, can I see the mark?"
"Sure." I say while rolling up my sleeve.
She grabs and holds my arm closer to her eyes.
"Just like out of the book." She says with an observing stare.
Charles scoots closer to me.
"Wow, its just like out of the book,” he says while observing my mark.
Margie lets my arm go then slowly rotates her face towards Charles.
“I just said that. I swear Im gonna start locking you in the damn doghouse.” She says to him angrily in a whisper.
The frustration in his face is growing. I can tell he wants to say something, yet he refrains by chewing the inside of his cheek instead. Margie turns to me, smiling again. She sighs and then restarts the conversation.
“Were so happy that youre here. I still can't believe my eyes. This is truly a remarkable day for me, for all of our kind. When Shiva told me about you, I never expected you to be a girl. I always imagined a man would find that box." She rests her cheek against her knuckles while she looks deeply into my eyes. "Im just curious, where did you find it exactly?"
"An antique shop, a couple months back."
Margie gasps.
"Are you serious?" She asks in shock.
“Yes I am.”
She looks down at the floor and shakes her head in amazement.
"Its mind blowing. Out of all the places…" Charles adds, but hes too much in awe to finish the sentence.
Margie continues to stare at the ground.
"If only my father can be here now to see you." She continues in a deep thought, her eyes shift into mine again, "he and others before him, wasted their lives searching for that box." She explains. "And here comes a girl, shopping at an antique store, and discovers it. Youre truly a miracle sweetheart."
"Kenya also told us about your encounter with Hellhound the other day," Charles says to me.
"Yeah, I met him… unfortunately."
"Did he hurt you?" Margie asks with concern.
"No, Im fine. Thanks to Daniel of course... I mean, Mane."
I really have to get used to calling them by their “real names”.
"Those low down dirty scoundrels, all of them," she says with slanted eyebrows. She looks over at Daniel, "he ran off didn't he?"
"Yes. They all did." He replies regrettably.
"I knew it. They're nothing but a bunch of cowards. Thats all they do, run. They're deceptive too. You always have to keep your eyes peeled for them. Theyre always planning something, those Blaires. And theyll do anything to get what they want."


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