Untamed S5 ep03



S5 ep03
The dream

Her face becomes twisted, like she just ate something rancid, at the mere mention of their name. I dont blame her. She takes a timeout to release some frustration before continuing...
"Sweetheart, we're so lucky to have you. I always had a gift at reading people. I know that youre a sincere person. There's no doubt in my mind about that. But your future is so mysterious to me.” Suddenly she leers into my eyes as she ponders deeply. “Im not sure if you know, but sometimes I can see things that havent happened yet. I had a vision the other day about a girl. I was unable to see her face, but I believe it was you. She was stricken by an immense sadness.
And she was all alone in a dark room. And I saw a shadow coming toward her. This shadow was a spiritual darkness.”
An eerie vibe slithers up my spine as she tells me her vision.
“Was does it mean?” I ask timidly.
“I dont know yet. But I felt a sense of urgency when I had it. Sometimes my visions can be very unclear about its meaning. But whatever it means, I know its not good. The future is not yet written in stone. Theres still time to change it.”
“And if I dont?” I ask with a tinge of fear in my tone.
"Okay, we need to head out." Daniel announces abruptly.
The eerie mood is shattered by his announcement.
"Already…?" Margie seems heartbroken.
“Yeah mom, were leaving.” Eric says.
“Why all of a sudden? Is it something I said?”
“Mom, why are you telling her things like that?
Shes just been through a lot.” Jessica states. “Like seriously?
“I didnt mean to scare her.”
“Honey just let it go.” Charles adds.
“No, I think its her future and its her right to know.”
“Guys please dont argue over me. Im fine.” I put my 2 cents in. Im such a liar. Her vision just caused major goose bumps on my arms. Spiritual darkness? Does she mean death?
“Im sorry if I ruined the moment.” Margie presses on.
"Its fine. We have to make another stop before going to Olivia's. We're trying to get back before sunset.” Daniel replies.
She looks at me with a deep sadness.
"Okay...well, um, stop by again." She says to me heartbrokenly.
"I will. It was nice to meet you Aerial."
We both stand to our feet and then she gives me another hug, and holds it.
"You take care." She whispers into my ear.
She lets go and we all exit through the front door. Before I get into the SUV, Charles and Margie gives me another wave. I smile at them and wave back.
We settle into the vehicle in our previous positions, and then Daniel reverses from their driveway. Eric lets out a loud sigh.
“Sorry about my mom Iva.” He says as we cruise away from their house.
“Its fine. I just wanted to know what she meant.”
The entire SUV is now dead silent all of a sudden.
“Iva, drop it.” Daniel says straight forwardly.
“But I want to know. I need to know.”
“When she has visions like that, it only means one thing. It means death is coming.” Jessica clarifies.
“For me?” I get hit by fear again.
“Not always. It can also be someone you know.” Jessica continues.
“Can we stop it from coming to pass?”
No one seems to want to answer my question.
“Guys?” I try to get them to clarify my last question.
“Dont worry Iva.” Jason says in a comforting tone next to me. “You are safe with us.”
Avoiding my question only makes me more edgy. This makes me think about my mom again. If something happened to her…no, dont start thinking like that again. I rebel against my own thoughts. I breathe out hard and try to release some of the fear, it didnt help at all.
Our next home takes a little longer to get to. Its a cozy brick home with a sleek red sports car parked in the driveway. A gray brunette man and a dark haired woman are standing in the driveway.
"Thats my folks," Jason says.
We get out of the car one by one.
"Good evening everyone," the man says.
"Good evening Dr. Connors." Everyone replies.
"So, is this her?" The man beams at me.
"Yes. Iva this is my dad." Jason says.
I shake hands with him.
"Call me David." He says. “Dont worry about the doctor part.”
"And this is my mom." Jason says.
I shake hands with her as well.
"I am Sharon." She says with a gentle smile.
"Lets go in, shall we." David says.
We walk up the steps and pour into a sophisticated living area. I sit down on a soft black leather couch. Sharon and David both sit on the leather two-seater across from me. Wow, Jason parents must have a lot of money. The house looks a lot bigger from the inside than it did outside. The brown floors are marble, the fireplace is trimmed in gold, and the kitchen appliances are stainless steel. There are some pictures of Jason as a young boy, but the picture frames are electronic. The pictures on the walls are slide shows of their family.
I’ve only seen homes like this in one of those home d├ęcor catalogs at the doctors office.
"Do you guys want anything to drink?" David asks.
"No thank you.” Daniel replies. “We wont stay long. Were taking her to see Olivia."

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