Untamed S5 ep06



S5 ep06

She flips to another page. This new page shows a leaf symbol, identical to mine.
“This is the mark of the apes. They were the protectors of the jungles."
"But why am I the only one that can defeat Romulus?" I almost choked when I said his name.
“That remains unclear. Quintus says, just like him, some of us have a unique spiritual gift. The wolves can track scent from miles away, the felines are quick at self-healing, and the birds have sharp awareness of their surroundings. Due to the phoenix incredible healing powers, Romulus body is constantly regenerating. For some unknown reason the apes could harm him. That was their unique gift. They were also known for their incredible strength.”
“If the apes are so strong, how did Romulus manage to kill them off?” I ask.
"Romulus was a master of war. He used a simple tactic.” Olivia explains. “He destroyed their crops and deprived them of food for many days. And at their weakest, they made their attack."
She flips again to a page that is covered with unreadable writing.
"The rest is Quintus stories about his travels and visions.”
She finally closes the book and slides it away from us, and then folds her fingers into her lap.
"Most of our kind is gone Iva. A lot of us didnt believe in Quintus stories. So many of us became consumed in humanity and forgot about our true purpose in life. And as you just learned, we were all created for some kind of purpose.”
"Why wouldnt they believe in the story?"
"Just like our human side, we became in denial of things around us. But everything changed when you found that box. This proves that all of the events in this book really happened. And if we like it or not, one year from now, he will return.”
“So was I destined to find it? I feel that it chose the wrong person.”
Her face falls flat and she takes a moment to respond.
“No. The box was to be offered to a mighty warrior. But it disappeared before that could happen.”
“A mighty warrior...?” I say under my breath.
“Im far from that Olivia.”
“Youre not lying.” She chuckles but then a serious expression forms. “But theres one thing I cant seem to understand about all this. For thousands and thousands of years, it remained lost. But a year before King Romulus wakes up someone finally discovers it. Is that a strange coincidence or is that destiny?" She peers into my eyes and studies my soul.
“You might not be the warrior we want, but maybe youre the warrior we need.”
My eyes fall down into my lap. She lifts my chin and smiles calmly at me, her big cheeks are blossoming.
“Not all warriors carry swords and spears, child.”…

Glenworth parking lot is empty for the exception of two vehicles. One is an old Ford truck, belonging to the Universitys head janitor, and the other is Detective Lancasters black patrol vehicle. The Janitor opens the school door and lets in Detective Lancaster and his partner, Detective Jones.
“Thanks for getting back to us in such a short notice.” Frank thanks the old janitor.
“Its fine. Its nothing much to do on a Saturday anyways. But the mess is over here.”
Together the three of them make a left around the corner and down a long hallway. Small pieces of glass crunch underneath their boots as they stroll through the empty hallway. Frank eyes scan the area.
The walls are covered in scratch marks and the decorative posters are ripped to shreds. They follow a trail of sprinkled glass to a classroom with no door.
“I left it like this.” The janitor says. “I wanted to show you first. It happened on Thursday evening.”
They all enter the class. They find glass on the floor, an indentation on the wall, a door resting on top of a row of chairs, and the teachers desk broken into two.

“Sounded like animals fighting in here.” The janitor explains.
Frank sees black fur on the floor. He walks over and kneels down, grabbing a handful, and studying it.
“What you got there?” Jones asks.
“Hair.” Frank replies.
“If theres anything else I can do to help, just ask.” The old janitor says.
“Is there a surveillance system in the school?”
Jones asks.
“Yes.” The old janitor replies.
“Has it been reviewed?” Frank interrogates.
“No not yet. Do you need it?”
“Thatll help us out a lot. Thanks.” Frank says.
“Okay, Ill grab it.”
Franks sprinkles the fur onto the floor, brushes his hands clean, and stands. Jones comes to his side.
“What do you think about this one?” Jones asks.
“Theres definitely something strange going on here. Were getting close Jones, I know it. And that footage may be the break we need.”

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