Untamed S5ep10 Season Finale



S5 ep10 Season Finale
The Roller coaster

My legs are hanging. I use my free hands to hold and squeeze down on his talons as hard as I can. Ive never been on a roller coaster before in my life. But I have seen people ride them on television several times.
This is similar to a roller coaster with the metal restrains over your shoulders, but your feet are left out to dangle.
I gaze above me and see the pink sky, and these large brown wings gliding in the wind. Suddenly, a giant white face with a yellow beak looks down into my eyes, winks, and then shifts forward again. I turn and look below me to see my reflection in a lake. The water is so crisp and clean that I can see a school of fish swimming smoothly through it. He lowers me closer to the water.
The tips of my shoes caress the surface of the water gently. Then I witness the fish behavior changing.
Fish of various sizes and colors begin to jump from the water while they follow me. The beauty of it all… its hard to put in literal words. Ive never witnessed something so cool. I shoot skyward abruptly, and then I feel my body shift hard right.
I turn 180 and float smoothly towards ground.
The great bird flaps its wings, which keeps us level in mid-air. He opens his talons and I fall onto my feet, and then I quickly catch my balance. I turn to this giant eagle flapping his wings to keep himself hovering.
He finally lands gently onto the ground. The wind from his wings makes me stagger backwards and collapse onto the side of a fallen tree. I grab my chest to make sure my heart is still beating. Athena and Courage approaches me.
"How did you enjoy your first roller coaster?" Athena asks.
I dont respond. I just conceal my face with my hands, trying to hold back this crying laugh.
"Did you like it or what?" Courage presses on eagerly.
I spaced my fingers so I can see them.
"Please, dont do that again." I muffled through my hands.
"You didnt like it?" Aero, the giant eagle, asks with his bold voice.
I throw my hands down onto my lap.
"No. I mean...yes..." I have a short recess to put my words together. "That was the most fun, life
threatening thing, Ive ever done."
I take another deep breath and release extra slowly.
"I think I just had a heart attack." I say while laughing.
"Adrenaline, this is Iva, Iva adrenaline." Aero says.
He shifts left and right.
"Wheres Raven?" Aero asks Courage and Athena.
A giant dark purple bird with a long beak swoops down and lands perfectly on the ground.
"Howd she like it?" Raven asks.
"Iva and adrenaline has a love, hate, relationship." Aero responds. “Its complicated.”
Aero turns to me.
"Hey want to see something cool? Check this out."
Suddenly Aero burst hard into the air. His wings create a strong gust of wind that almost blows me back.
I look up into the air and notice hes already a small spec in the sky. I then see him descending towards the ground hastily until he shoots down pass the cliff and disappear. I wait to see him shoot back up.
I stand to my feet and wait for him to appear but it doesnt happen.
"Guys, shouldnt he have come up already?" I ask them, but my concern ceases when I see him heading towards the sky again.
This time hes spinning wildly as he climbs towards the atmosphere.
"Iva, please dont pay him any attention." Raven says.
"The more you feed into it, the worst it gets. He has attention issues." Athena states.
"It gets annoying sometimes." Courage adds.
He swoops back to us without blowing to much wind everywhere.
"Cool, right?" Aero asks me as he lands.
"How fucking lame was that." Raven blurts out blankly.
He shifts towards his sister.
"Shut up." He says before brushing her face with his wing then taking off into the horizon.
"You better fly away." Raven says as she takes off after him.
“Here they go again.” Athena says as she sits on the ground next to me.
"Wheres Mane?" I ask.
Athena lifts her chin to her far left.
"Over there." She says.
I look over and see Mane sitting by himself, staring at the sunset.
"Dont worry about him." Courage says while flattening onto the dirt. "Hell come over when hes fit and ready."
We watched on as Raven and Aero play tag until the sky turn inky blue. They finally called a truce when the moon reached its peak. Tonights moon seems a lot more vivid than usual. Maybe its because my view is so clear. As Aero and Raven dances around the fullmoon, I cant help but think about my mom and her safety.
Suddenly I feel a warm rub against my leg. I look down at Courage, who is looking back at me.
"Whats bothering you?" He asks.
I stare back at the moon.
"My mom." I reply, watching Raven and Aero spinning upward together.
"Dont worry about her.” He says. “I have parents too, remember. I always assure myself that theyre fine."
"How can you?"
"You just have to be very cautious and everything else will fall into place." He explains.
"I understand you completely Iva.” Athena joins in the conversation. “I know a lot about fear. It can drive you crazy. It can ruin your social life, give you strange thoughts..." She suddenly pauses and lowers her voice. "...it can keep you up at night." She pauses again.
"Its a disease. Dont let it get inside your head because when it goes in, its hard to get out."
A brief silence falls over the three of us. Athena stands and walks away. She falls down flat on the
ground with her face turned away.
"Shes fine. Sometimes she gets paranoid, thats all." Courage says in a quiet tone.
I look over to see Mane approaching us sluggishly.
"You finally decide to come over." Courage says to him.
Mane doesnt respond immediately. He flops onto the ground in front of me, scattering dirt into the air.
"Its getting late.” Mane says. "I might head back soon."

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