Nollywood actor Emerald Lordsfame set to drop new movie, FOOLS' ACT.

The actor, writer, producer, director, Novelist, the Producer of THE BRUSH movie, Emerald Lordsfame, is at it again. She's not one for a slow pace as she's taking the entertainment industry by storm. 

She is bringing a new blockbuster to our watch; FOOLS’ ACT

Known for her novels, Diane's Fantasy, Sheila, amongst others, her stories and her films, Emerald Lordsfame is a fast rising filmmaker for people to watch out for. 

Her movie FOOLS’ ACT will soon be out. 

What will you do if you find your man in a bit compromising position with another woman, and before you say Jack Robinson, she's nauseated? It’s a story that shows the thread between, love and betrayal. It’s filled with suspense, tragedy, love, romance and thriller. Watch out for it! 


Emerald Lordsfame


Ayobami Ojo

Yetunde Oyinbo

Tunde Aderinoye

Shola Akintunde      


Ade Aderenle







Produced and Directed by Emerald Lordsfame 

Coordinated by Shola Akintunde




Behind the scenes



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